Parking Lot Lighting Repair Service Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan & Long Island

We are equipped with multiple buckets trucks and a crane to handle all types of parking lot lighting installations , repairs and upgrades.

Typically parking lot lighting used Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Lighting which is not very efficient.These days every one is upgrading to LED which is

-Save money on power because it uses much less power ( avg 70 %).

-Save money on service calls because m.h and h.p.s lighting typically lasts 10,000 hours under the right conditions and LED lasts 100,000 hours so you save atleast 10 calls on bulb changes and the cost of the bulbs.


We also repair parking lot light poles that have been hit. Whether they are steel or aluminum we can generally repair the existing pole which is much more cost efficient and faster then ordering a replacement.We are equipped with multiple welders( machines and people) to get the repair done right the first time.


Damaged pc of pipe and plate cut off.

Welding repair. Cut off damaged pc of tube and welded back the plate.

We service Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan , Staten Island and Long Island.

Not replacing you m.h or h.p.s lighting will cost you thousands in the long run.

Typically a 300 watt led fixture can range between 500-1000 $ . If the fixture lasts 100,000 hours and each 1000 watt bulb is about 40 $ you save


40 x 10 = 400$ . BULBS ( 1000w bulb)

150 (hr) x 10 ( service calls) = 1500$

If the company charges travel charge where most companies do you are looking at

150 ( hr) x 10 ( travel charges) = 1500.

So far thats 1500$ in service calls , 1500$ in travel charges and 400$ in bulbs and we might need a ballast which usually is about 125$.


  • We also provide safety inspections. Typically on poles there is a cover that hides the anchor bolts. This area can start rusting and weaken the pole where it can fall over in high winds , bad weather etc. We can come inspect this and make sure there are no safety issues with your pole. Call us for more information.

Now you are also looking money on potential business and inconveniencing your customers. Call us and save




We also repair electrical issues that involving parking lot lighting.

-Install / Repair Underground power lines

-Install / replace over head lines going to poles

-Bad circuit breakers , panels and contractors.



Call us and save!


We provide parking lot lighting repair services in Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan & Staten Island .